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project structure

Mediatized EU
Work Packages

WP1 – Management and Quality Control

The project coordinator (DCU)  ensures coordination between the consortium partners, monitors the project activities, timely delivery of the project outputs and compliance with contractual obligations and rules. To ensure quality control, a Project Board is established, consisting of one representative of each consortium member. The Board, chaired by the coordinator, monitors both the research and administration components of the project, and acts as a major governing and decision-making body of the project.

WP2 – Research

The project’s research component includes the following tasks: development of the qualitative and quantitative research design, desk research targeting the available secondary sources and the national security plans, content analysis and critical discourse analysis of the target media outlets, qualitative and quantitative fieldwork, and preparation of the first drafts of data analyses by each partner.

WP3 – Cross-Country Comparisons & Policy Recommendations

Individual case studies prepared by the project consortium partners will be subject to comparative analysis, based on which of the respective policy recommendations packages will be developed for the local and EU policymakers. In addition, the analysed data will be presented in an edited volume prepared for publication.

WP4 – Dissemination & Communication

Dissemination and communication take place throughout the entire duration of the project. A special action plan was developed for the strategic dissemination and communication of project activities, and it is updated throughout. The project website is part of this plan, as a site where project-related activities and events are announced and research outputs are made available, and where the project’s progress can be traced by all interested parties.

WP5 – Ethics requirements

This work package sets out the ‘ethics requirements’ that the project must comply with.