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Dr. Sonia Boulos and Dr. Susana de Sousa Ferreira, Professors of International Law and Human Rights and of International Relations, respectively, at Nebrija University in Spain, published an article on gender and disinformation related to the European Union (EU) in The Conversation. The authors address campaigns targeting so-called “gender ideology” by promoting identity-based arguments to delegitimize the European integration project. This goal is pursued by accusing the EU of imposing values that stand in contradiction to local family values, culture and religion, focusing particularly on gender equality and LGBQT rights. The article argues that the narratives promoted by Russia and other actors have emboldened populist parties in Europe, whose agenda overlaps with that of Russia, at least in relation to gender equality. This could have serious consequences for the social and legal protections available to women. Click here to read the piece (in Spanish).