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The Dublin City University (DCU) team in MEDIATIZED EU recently presented their work at the 11th Biannual Conference of the Standing Group on the European Union of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) on June 8-10 in Rome, Italy, as part of a panel on “The Domestic Dimension of the EU’s Management of Crises”. The paper, presented by Dr. Alessio Cornia and Dr. Anastasia Deligiaouri and co-authored with Dr. Tetyana Lokot, is titled “Perceptions of Europeanisation in the Irish society and media in times of crisis”, and builds on the Irish desk research analysis and preliminary media analysis conducted as part of the MEDIATIZED EU project research. It analyses how representations of Europeanisation in Irish elite discourses and media coverage and public opinion of the EU change during different social and political crises.