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Dr. Maria Raquel Freire presented, on behalf of the Coimbra team, the preliminary results of the media analysis performed as part of the MEDIATIZED EU project by the Centre for Social Studies’ (CES) team in a seminar at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra (FEUC), Portugal, on January 19. The seminar, titled “Narratives of European Integration”, was organized in the framework of CES’ Thematic Line “(Semi-)Peripheral Capitalism: Crises and Alternatives”, and counted on a panel of fellow researchers that offered insightful comments on the team’s work.

Presenting the preliminary results of the analysis of the Portuguese media to an audience of peers, Dr. Freire and her team first got critical inputs from the panel, composed by CES’ researchers Dr. Carla Luís, the coordinator of the advanced training course “VoteDHr – Elections, Democracy and Human Rights” at CES; Dr. João Rodrigues, Assistant Professor at FEUC and a co-coordinator of the Thematic Line; Dr. Sílvia Ferreira, Assistant Professor of Sociology at FEUC; and Dr. Vanda Amaro Dias, Assistant Professor of European Studies at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra.

The panel’s researchers have drawn connections with their own interests and expertise, including critical security studies, European studies, (critical) discourse analysis, Sociology, Political Economy, populism, democracy, human rights, social participation, and more.

Among the audience, other researchers have also engaged with the work done by CES’ team in MEDIATIZED EU based on their own areas of inquiry, by commenting on methodological and conceptual practices and developments, in what was a highly productive and fruitful exercise for the team in the course of their ongoing analysis.

The seminar has enabled both the team and the audience to benefit from an interdisciplinary opportunity to reflect on outputs based on the remarks raised, as well as to draw connections and open possible avenues of cooperation.