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On April 26, MEDIATIZED EU joined forces with the Faculty of Law and International Relations and the Jean Monnet Chair in EU Defence in Nebrija University, Madrid, to hold a roundtable discussion on the impact of Russia’s invasion and war in Ukraine on the geopolitical role of the EU. 

The roundtable was opened by Professor Alfonso López de la Osa Escribano, Dean of the Faculty of Law and International Relations, Nebrija University and chaired by Prof. Gracia Abad Quintanal, Nebrija University. 

Speakers at the roundtable included Prof. Sonia Boulos, Nebrija University, Prof. Lia Tsuladze, Center for Social Sciences, Georgia, Prof. Tanya Lokot, Dublin City University and Prof. Attila Melegh, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. The speakers discussed preliminary national findings from the media analysis phase of the MEDIATIZED EU project in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They also reflected on the trends and changes in media discourses on the war and how the media coverage of key voices contributed to representing the EU as a geopolitical actor. Expert comments and feedback on the research results were provided by Javier Biosca Azcoiti, Deputy Head of the international desk, El Diario, and the roundtable concluded with a lively Q&A and discussion with the audience.