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MEDIATIZED EU project partners met in beautiful Madrid, Spain on 27-28 April, 2023, to hold research team meetings in the midst of the project’s most intensive data collection and research analysis phase. Project Board and Quality Board meetings were also held on the bustling campus of partner Nebrija University to summarise project progress and discuss next steps in the project timeline.

With the MEDIATIZED EU project now well into its second half, the partner teams are completing the fieldwork stage, which includes interviews with political and media elites, and population surveys. Partners discussed preliminary findings and analysis from national interview rounds and worked on constructing the population survey questionnaire, which will be administered in the seven project countries later this year. Once the research work package is completed, MEDIATIZED EU will embark on the next stage of comparative analysis triangulating media and elite discourses with public opinion, developing cross-country case studies and policy recommendations.

The consortium also recognised significant progress of the dissemination and exploitation of preliminary results, including new academic publications released or soon to be released, and a project-focused conference panel at the upcoming 29th International Conference of  Europeanists taking place on June 27-29 in Iceland. Finally, the partner teams engaged in preparing for the project’s second mid-term periodic review, scheduled for September 2023.