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MEDIATIZED EU researchers have published some of the early findings from their research in a special issue of the Media and Communication journal, devoted to media discourses around European Integration. The fully open-access issue, published in October 2023, also contains timely and relevant research related to the project theme by other researchers, including some of MEDIATIZED EU partner teams. The issue was edited by Dr. Ana Pérez-Escoda, Associate Professor of Information and Communication Technologies at University of Nebrija (UANE), Spain, and Dr. Tetyana Lokot, Associate Professor in the School of Communications at Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland, who is also the Project Coordinator of MEDIATIZED EU. Links can be found below.

Mediatized Discourses on European Integration: Information, Disinformation, and Polarization (2023, Volume 11, Issue 4)
Edited by Ana Pérez-Escoda and Tetyana Lokot

Charting the Impacts of Media Discourses on the European Integration Project
By Ana Pérez-Escoda and Tetyana Lokot

The War in Ukraine and the EU’s Geopolitical Role in Spanish Media Discourses
By Gracia Abad Quintanal, Sonia Boulos and Branislav Radeljić

The EU as an ATM? Media Perception Analysis of Next Generation Funds in Spain
By Marcos Mayo-Cubero, Lucía García-Carretero, María-José Establés and Luis-Miguel Pedrero-Esteban

EU Representations in Portuguese Media and Populism: Embodying Political Antipodes?
By Maria Raquel Freire, Sofia José Santos, Moara Assis Crivelente and Luiza Almeida Bezerra