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Researchers of the MEDIATIZED EU partner institutions Corvinus University Budapest (CUB), Hungary, the Nebrija University (UANE), Spain, and the Centre for Social Sciences (CSS), Georgia, presented research at the Annual Conference of the Hungarian Sociological Association, on November 17-18, in Budapest. Dr. György Lengyel, of CUB, led the panel themed “Elite and public discourses on European integration”. Presentations were titled “Defensive vs. regressive Europeanization. Results of a media analysis”, by Drs. Attila Melegh, of CUB, and Dr. Lia Tsuladze, of the CSS; “Can COVID-19 serve as a tool to target the EU? Comparative analysis of Spanish and Hungarian media discourses”, by Dr. Lilla Tóth, of CUB, and Drs. Sonia Boulos and Ana Pérez-Escoda, of UANE; and “Hungarian elite and public opinion about European integration. Report on an ongoing research”, by Dr. Lengyel, and Dr. Erika Kurucz, and Dr. Göncz Borbála, of CUB. More information can be found here.