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Dr. Lika Tsuladze, Executive Director of the Center for Social Sciences and Associate Professor of Sociology at Tbilisi State University, participated in the Annual Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) on May 16-18 at Columbia University, United States, with two panels. The first panel was themed “Who Does Russia Appeal to Anymore? Russian Soft Power and Foreign Policy”, and Dr. Tsuladze presented a paper titled “Tracing Georgia’s de-Europeanization: Discursive Opposition to the EU and its Escalation after Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine”. The second was a special event titled “Georgia’s Euromaidan? Making Sense of Mass Protests in Georgia”, in which Dr. Tsuladze discussed the current situation in the country with Dr. Ana Andguladze, Dr. Kristine Margvelashvili, Dr. Aaron Erlich, and Dr. Jesse Driscoll, with the moderation of Dr. Julie George.